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DBT Skills Groups

Resilience DBT Skills Groups
FALL 2022

Our Resilience DBT Skills Program offers the formal DBT skills set. Each DBT Skills Group section meets weekly. The full curriculum takes 24 weeks and can be repeated,  for reinforcement. Admissions are rolling and group members are typically admitted in the beginning of a module. Resilience DBT Skills Groups incorporate Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management, and the Expressive Arts Therapies for self-care and self-expression.

SUMMER INTENSIVE- Learn the Complete DBT Skill set in 10 weeks

Emotion Regulation * Core Mindfulness * Distress Tolerance * Interpersonal Skills * Middle Path

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DBT Skills- High School College Prep

Thursdays 6:00pm

Learning the formal DBT curriculum in a Multi-Family format is the gold standard. Parents first-hand knowledge of the DBT coping skills is the best way to be able to help your adolescent in the moment, as it is happening.

Comprehensive Adolescent DBT - The program that will improve your teens mental health and bring you closer together!

                 DBT Skills for High School Students 
                Don't leave home without them!

DBT Skills for Young Adults & University Students

Mondays 7 PM -  Year Round

Has COVID-19 impacted your college experience?
During this COVID crisis, learning the complete DBT skill set in a supportive environment with like-minded peers, has never been more needed. You are not alone!

Whether in school, virtual, or on leave, DBT Skills can help you cope better and have meaningful social connections at this time.

DBT Skills for Adult Women

Adult Women

Mondays  6:00pm

This Adult DBT Skills group is for adult women in serious pursuit of better mental health functioning and overall sense of health and wellness. DBT Skills and mindfulness training helps you replace your Internal Critic, with Loving Kindness.

DBT Skills for Adult Women -Improve your confidence, your calm, and your personal and professional relationships

DBT Skills for Parents

For Parents of High School and University-Age Students

Tuesdays 6 PM

Managing the mental health needs of your older teen or young adult, is not easy and there is no "manual" . The current uncertainty of COVID, has complicated matters. Centering yourself with your own DBT skills and supporting your child's DBT skill learning can be valuable to you at this time.

DBT Skills for Parents - Manage your own stress and increase your parental effectiveness

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Resilience Eating Recovery
DBT-ED Skills Groups

FALL 2021

Our years of experience with eating disorder recovery, have taught us that for the recovery of eating disorder one needs to Identify one's emotions, and address the over-control or undercontrol of emotions and eating patterns or the dysregulation of emotions and eating patterns.

This is accomplished best in our Resilience DBT-ED Skills Group - the Eating Disorder Track

In the eating disorder track of our DBT-ED Skills Groups, one can develop tools and skills to resolve the maintaining factors and target symptoms of eating disorder recovery:

purple, black, and orange abstract paintin

My Body, My Friend

Eating Disorder Recovery Pro for Adolescents

The best of DBT Skills and CBT-E

Tuesdays 5:00pm

In a supportive and pro-recovery environment, teens learn to how find their strength and resilience to fight the internal pull toward eating disorder thinking. Support of the group is intended to counteract cultural messages that promote unrealistic and harmful beauty standards for body size and shape. The goal is a normalized relationship with food and the development of Body Positivity.

Don't Weigh your Self-Esteem!

Eating Disorder Recovery Pro

for Young Adults & University Students

Formal DBT Skills Program with CBT-E

Mondays  7:15 PM - Year Round

In this Pro-Recovery group we will be you will be learning the formal DBT skills curriculum with and integration of  CBT-E, to learn skills and tools for managing emotions, that make one vulnerable to eating disorder thinking and behaviors. Develop a positive body image and normalize your relationship with food.

Reclaim your personal power and...
              Change the world, not your body!

Eating Recovery Pro for Adult Women

Eating Disorder Recovery & Relapse Prevention Moms-in-Recovery

Wednesdays 5:00pm

Our outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery group and for adults offer support for your daily challenges with food, mood, and body image. This group follows the formal DBT Skills modules and utilizes CBT-E to address any maintain factors of your eating disorder
Covid-19 has complicated recovery for mothers taking care of their own recovery and their childrens needs.

Improve your relationship with your food, your body image, and your self-care skills!

Parents Group

for Parents with Children, Adolescents, and College Students, struggling with eating behaviors.

Tuesdays 5:00pm or Wednesdays 10:00am

This supportive weekly group is for parents to feel more empowered and get ideas and feedback from other parents on how to help your child, teen, or young adult, resolve eating disorder problems or behaviors. Protect the mental health of yourselves and your other children, while supporting your struggling child.

Take charge of the mealtimes in your household and support your child's growth - today!

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Eating  Recovery Groups

 Fall 2022
For Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse Prevention
for Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder

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